I write limericks both grown up and kiddish
But never specifically Yiddish!
A non-Jewish friend
Wants to see that all end
I hope that’s not one God forbiddish!

Okay, so now what do I do?
Teach non-Jews words known to each Jew?
Like “plotz” and “shlemiel”
I’ll try keeping it real!
But must I define them all, too?

Nah….I’ll let them do that on their own
(Use Google—in fact, use your phone!)
There’s “chutzpah” and “shnorrer
And of course there’s the horror
Of “shmuck”—( I’ll leave that one alone!)

There’s “zaftik” —I hope not passe now
Since Me Too is having  its say now
But must we get used’ta
A fat balabusta?
As the only good feminine way now?

However….whatever you choose
With Yiddish, you just cannot lose
They’ve a wonderful word
(That you may’ve never heard!)
So let’s have a Yiddishkeit schmooze

It’ll certainly help pass each day—-
We can kvell  ‘cuz there’s many a way
To avoid getting sick
If we stick to the shtick
Just remember: stay 6 feet away!

Thank you Bindy, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: