OKAY! — I admit it — I’m vain!!!!!

It’s due to my mother’s mantra (may she rest in peace).

Growing up in the 50’s, she would continuously say to me, ‘always look your best when you leave the house — you never know who you’ll run into.’

This is from the stay-at-home mom, never a hair out of place woman, who wouldn’t take out the trash unless she had her earrings on!

So —  I’m working remotely during these ‘Safer at Home’ COVID-19 times and still getting dressed, though sans high heels, and putting on my make-up and earrings as if I was going to my office.

Turns out, my mom’s ideology is helping me feel more ‘normal’ during these days of isolation!

An added benefit of working remotely — I’m taking time to listen to the birds chirping their songs and seeing the butterflies flit amongst the flowers through my dining room window.  Have you noticed the insects and animals continue to go through every day as usual and are totally unaffected by the craziness turning the rest of our lives upside down?

Thank you Helene, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: