Wasting away in Coronaville.

A new environment that involved no packing or moving vans.

I now find myself living in a new community devoid of social interaction except for the 2 year-old who roams above me like a herd of elephants, stampeding through his den from 6am to 10pm every single day. 

There should definitely be exceptions to sheltering in place.

Anyway, what I have shockingly learned via the Corona crisis is that I am now aged.

I have always thought of myself as young and vital, but the experts are constantly castigating everyone over 60.

Fortunately, my genetic composite is strong and I have never looked my age.

I am so disengaged from my legal status that I failed to register for my senior Metrocard, I forget to take advantage of senior movie tickets.

I exercise everyday, eat well, thankfully have no preexisting conditions and remain socially informed.

I have spent most of my adult life promoting and traveling on the road with rock ‘n roll bands.

No, I am not a groupie.

Despite my personal profile, I find myself in the death zone age group.

That is one of the reasons I am sheltering in place.

Of course, I am firmly dedicated to social distancing which I think everyone should adhere to.

When this is over I am going to organize all my vibrant, dynamic  ‘elderly’ friends and march on Washington in defiance of the ludicrous  elderly, aged branding.

I continue to hike at 7am when no one but the errant bunny is out, I am taking pilate YouTube classes to stay limber, I am challenging myself in the kitchen putting out 3 healthy and delicious squares a day, I continue to post my blog ifthedevilhadmenopause.com daily, writing about timely issues and I even participated in Debbie Allen’s Instagram dance class this week, dancing enthusiastically in the living room to America’s new anthem, We Will Survive!

I am sequestered with my husband and miraculously we are still enjoying each other’s company isolated together on Love Island.

I hope for a quick countrywide recovery and when this nightmare ends we will be a more harmonious country, led into the light by a compassionate, intelligent President Biden.

Thank you Toby, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: