Silence in the house
Claustrophobic, suffocating
Aware of my aloneness
Thinking of those souls
Who always live this way
Focusing on gratitude
Stepping out of myself
And yet deeper into myself

Sitting at my desk
Listening to the patter
Of the rain
Watching it dance
And make patterns
On the French doors.

Click of my dogs’ nails
On the hardwood floor
Walking in the garden
Seeing Jack’s orchids
Still going strong
Unfolding, about to bloom

Sinking into the quiet
My unexpected Zen retreat
Hoping to grow and stretch
To learn and expand
To develop new wisdom
From these times of Corona

Missing friends and family
Aching for hugs and touch
Knowing more than ever
How much
We need each other
Calling the market to deliver
Walls closing in again
Time to take a walk

Thank you Linda, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: