The Rest Is History (Live on Zoom)
A Production of The Braid & NEXT Emerging Artists Program

Inspiring, hilarious, and heartbreaking stories of living through historical times or personal moments that changed your life or even changed the world.




Produced by Daphna Shull & Andrew Fromer
Material Adapted & Curated by Daphna Shull, Vicki Schairer, David Chiu & Ronda Spinak 
Lead Director Aysha Wax • Stage Manager Amanda Horowitz • Assistant Stage Manager Talya Camras
Artistic Director Ronda Spinak • Producing Director Susan Morgenstern Managing Director Sharon Landau

This show is generously supported by Gail Solo.
In loving memory of Gerri Miller, our friend and advocate at The Jewish Journal.

WELCOME — Ronda Spinak, Artistic Director

Hawaiian Songbird
Written by Sharon Bonin Pratt. Directed by Aysha Wax. Performed by Cliff Weissman.

Friend or Foe
Written by Jodi Marcus. Directed by Izzy Salant. Performed by Lisa Kaminir and Joshua Silverstein.

Southern Politesse
Written by Anonymous. Adapted from an interview by Vicki Schairer and David Chiu. Directed by Amanda Horowitz. Performed by Bonnie He and Lisa Kaminir.

Massages at Ground Zero
Written by Marissa Tiamfook Gee. Directed by David Chiu. Performed by Miata Edoga.

Written by Paul Itkin. Adapted from the short story by Daphna Shull. Directed by Aysha Wax. Performed by Joshua Silverstein, Miata Edoga, and Cliff Weissman.

Love in an Envelope
Written by Barbara Kroll. Directed by Daphna Shull. Performed by Lisa Kaminir and Bonnie He.

Choose a Box
Written by David Chiu. Adapted from an interview by David Chiu & Rona Berns. Directed by Julie Lanctot. Performed by Bonnie He.

Written by Mihai Grünfeld. Directed by Vicki Schairer. Performed Cliff Weissman.

Written by Jodie Mendelson Kay. Directed by David Chiu. Performed by Miata Edoga.

And Then She Kissed Me – A Commission of The Braid
Written and performed by Joshua Silverstein. Directed by Julie Lanctot.



RONA BERNS (Writer) was pleased to be part of this year’s NEXT/ ChaiVillageLA partnership and was so happy to have David Chiu as her partner. They have a lot in common, including Lithuanian heritage and a great sense of humor. Rona was a shy only child but evolved to be part of school performances and enjoys musical theater. With a master’s degree from USC in library science, Rona started as a librarian. The last half of her career was spent in project management, building 65 new branch libraries in Los Angeles. She enjoyed working with The Braid and loves being a member of ChaiVillage and Temple Isaiah.