The Accidental Activist

January 20-30, 2018

A moving and humorous show about people who act to right a wrong, help the helpless, or bring forth a smile where there was no hope.


Observations Along the Road



Adapted, Curated & Produced by Ronda Spinak
Produced by Suzanna Kaplan
Directed by Susan Morgenstern
Dramaturge Lisa Rosenbaum
South Bay Producer Liz Altman
SF Bay Area Producer Carol Kirsh
Assistant Producer/Stage Manager Barbara Koletsky,
Associate Producers Susie Yuré and Rose Ziff
Artistic Associate Daphna Shull

WELCOME – Ronda Spinak, JWT Artistic Director

Try Not to Get Killed
Written by Linda Geffin.  Performed by Vicki Juditz.

Political Positions
Written by Alan Zweibel.  Performed by Robert Keller and Emma Berdie Donson.

Written by Janet Madden.  Performed by Arva Rose.

Green New Day
Written by Vicki Juditz.  Performed by Vicki Juditz, Emma Berdie Donson, and Arva Rose.

Uncle Simon
Written by Arva Rose.  Performed by Arva Rose and Robert Keller.

Accidental Activism
  Worthy of Love written by Mary Mandie Davis.  Performed by Emma Berdie Donson and Vicki Juditz.
Kindness Equals Activism written by Sherri W. Morr.  Performed by Arva Rose and Vicki Juditz.
Hunger to Serve written by Irv Cramer.  Performed by Robert Keller.

My Blessed Journey
Written by Elaine G.F. Hall.  Performed by Emma Berdie Donson and ensemble.

Born and Born and Born and Born
Written by Rossi (AKA Chef Rossi).  Performed by Vicki Juditz, Emma Berdie Donson, and Arva Rose.

Comfort Station
Written by Darcy Heller Sternberg.  Performed by Emma Berdie Donson and Robert Keller.

The Chairs
Written by Libby Schwartz.  Performed by Arva Rose and ensemble.

I Am
Written by Rosanne Ziering.  Performed by ensemble.


LIZ ALTMAN (South Bay Producer) wrote “Almost a Sacrifice,” previously performed at the JWT salon Unknown Stories of Biblical Proportions. Other credits include song lyrics for activities at the University of Michigan and the Dallas Bar Follies; and co-directing, co-writing, and performing in the annual SMU law school follies. JWT: Advisory board member and South Bay producer. Professional: vice president of a real estate company. Hobbies: tennis, art, and travel. Special love to her muse, Louis.

IRVING CRAMER (Writer)’s Eastern European family arrived in Los Angeles 121 years ago, never investing in property, and so he has always worked to sustain his family and community. His career in nonprofits has been immensely rewarding; in the 1970s and 1980s he worked on behalf of a then young Israel, arranging to ransom Jews from Eastern Europe before the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1985 he founded MAZON A Jewish Response to Hunger here in Los Angeles and ran that organization for fifteen years, raising money and funding anti-hunger efforts. After a short stint running a large foundation, Cramer now volunteers for such efforts as J Street and Death Penalty Focus, a statewide organization dedicated to abolishing the death penalty in California.

MARY MANDIE DAVIS (Writer), the founder of Worthy of Love, is devoted to helping children experiencing homelessness feel loved and appreciated. Worthy of Love is a social venture dedicated to sponsoring unforgettable birthday parties for kids who live on Skid Row and who would not otherwise have the opportunity to celebrate. The idea for the parties originated after Mary had a miscarriage and she and her husband decided to help improve other children’s lives rather than focus on their grief. They have held monthly celebrations since January 2013. Mary has also worked with the Los Angeles Poverty Department in the first art