Episode #15: Guilty Parties (Abridged)

Listen in on the guilt of a new generation!  From the things we should have done to actions we regret.  No one is safe from this moral dilemma as we navigate the expectations of society, family, and relationships.

The pieces featured in this episode are:

Compiled by Vicki Schairer
Performed by the ensemble, Nadége August, Nathan Bock, Chelsea London Lloyd, Rosie Moss and Judy Carter.

Written by Elana Spivak, from the blog McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
Performed by Chelsea London Lloyd, Nathan Bock and Nadege August

Written by Barbara Blumenthal Ehrlich
Performed by Nathan Bock and Chelsea London Lloyd

Written, performed and recorded by the Rosannah Sisters
Check out the Rosannah Sisters on Soundcloud

Written and performed by Judy Carter

Guilty Parties is this year’s salon from NEXT @ the Braid, JWT’s emerging artists fellowship. The fellows for 2017-2018 are:

Julie Gumpert
Sarah Resnick
Devan Liljedahl
Vicki Schairer
Andrew Fromer
Daphna Shull
Monique G. Lopez
Lisa Cirincione

For more info, visit NEXT @ The Braid’s page.

JWT Artistic Director Ronda Spinak
Executive Producer of NEXT at the Braid Abbe Meryl Feder
Additional Producing Liz Altman & Carol Kirsh
JWT Producing Director Susan Morgenstern
JWT Managing Director Sharon Landau

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Episode #11: Guilty Parties Update with Daphna Shull

On this episode, Vicki and Andrew chat with fellow member of NEXT at the Braid, Daphna Shull (see bio below) before Monday night’s performance at the Braid in Santa Monica of this year’s NEXT salon, Guilty Parties. They talk about their work together on the council, all the different areas that Daphna contributes to JWT and you’ll get to hear some bonus music written by Daphna that didn’t quite make it into the final show.

DAPHNA SHULL is a two-time NEXT Arts Council Fellow, literary manager, and writer, born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She received her bachelor’s degree in Media Production from Florida State University. After graduating in 2014, she headed west to pursue a career in screenwriting and the arts. Today, Daphna works as a museum educator for the Zimmer Children’s Museum and recently joined the JWT staff.

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Episode #9: Guilty Parties

Vicki Schairer and Andrew Fromer are two young artists making their way through the Los Angeles entertainment industry. They also happen to be original members of JWT’s cutting edge fellowship known as NEXT @ The Braid, a program through which JWT gives voice, support and resources to emerging artists thanks to a very generous grant from the Jewish Community Foundation. Now in its second year, the fellowship culminates in a JWT-signature salon-style show that’ll showcase the writings, artwork and acting of other emerging millennial artists. This year’s show is entitled Guilty Parties and is sure to leave audiences wow-ed as they follow along on a wild ride through the guilt of a new generation.  From the things we should have done to actions we regret.  No one is safe from this moral dilemma as we navigate the expectations of society, family, and relationships.

In today’s episode, Lisa and Maureen sit down with Vicki and Andrew to chat about how NEXT got its start, what the creative process has been like as they work with the JWT leadership and a couple of teasers as to what juicy pieces await in Guilty Parties.

Find out more about NEXT @ The Braid

VICKI SCHAIRER is a director for film and theatre and a television producer. She has directed several short films and is currently in development for a handful of new projects.  She works as a television producer with credits on shows for Amazon Prime, TLC, the History Channel, and Fullscreen. She worked as a theatre director, production manager, and arts administrator in the greater Boston area prior to moving to Los Angeles in 2014. Vicki directed dozens of projects for the Boston stage and collaborated closely with playwrights to develop new work through workshops and readings. She worked in the artistic department of the Huntington Theatre Company and co-founded the collaborative devised theatre ensemble Project: Project, for which she co-wrote and co-directed original plays. She received her undergraduate degree in physics and theatre from Brandeis University and completed the Summer Institute in Film Production at UCLA.

ANDREW FROMER is a Los Angeles native and grew up as an active member in the Jewish community through Stephen S. Wise Temple. He attended Windward School in Mar Vista, where his acting career began in plays and musicals. After completing his BFA in theater at UC Santa Barbara and an exciting year of living in Israel, Andrew took a dive into filmmaking and has since branched into production by helping prepare for distribution two feature films he has acted in: AMP Creative’s Highway to Havasu (dir. Jeff Janke) and Mockingbird Pictures’ The Sweet Life (dir. Rob Spera). Andrew also edits, directs, and hosts his own podcast on the entertainment industry, SideKickBack Radio, which can be found at www.sidekickback.com. He is very excited to be on board for an exciting year with NEXT@theBraid.

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Episode #1: The Space Between

The Space Between explores humorous, heartbreaking and surprising stories that cut to the heart of what divides us and illuminate the yearnings and struggles, successes and failures of reaching out to find common ground.This is a groundbreaking new show created by the first generation of NEXT @ The Braid, JWT’s Young Professionals Arts Council. These 12 up-and-coming young artists have brought together stories, songs, poems and plays to create a unique theatrical experience that hope to bridge the gap in a time of intense divisions.

2017 NEXT Arts Council Fellows: Amirose Eisenbach, Sigi Gradwohl, Abigail Marks, Chelsea London Lloyd, Andrew Fromer, Christian Alexander Prentice, Daphna Shull, Rachel Berney Needleman, Lisa Cirincione, Vicki Schairer, and Vanessa Espino. With Arts Council Producer: Abbe Meryl Feder and JWT Leadership: Artistic Director Ronda Spinak, Managing Director, Sharon Landau and Producing Director Susan Morgenstern

Performed by: Donnabella Mortel, Jesse Macht, Kyla Schoer, Michael Hanson, and Zoe Lillian.

Featuring stories by Rachelle Davidowitz, Adam Rotstein, Kaitlin Mamie, Sigi Gradwohl, Art Alonso, Daphna Shull, Julie Mayerson Brown, Max Mondi, Molly Murray, Vanessa Espino, Vicki Schairer and Abby Marks.

Featuring music by Jesse Macht, Dan Omelio and Emily Kitter.

Recorded in front of a live audience at The Braid in Santa Monica, CA on June 23, 2017.With generous support from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, Erwin Rautenberg Foundation, and Dennis Schuman Charitable Fund.

NEXT is a program of JWT. Artistic Director: Ronda Spinak; Managing Director: Sharon Landau; Producing Director: Susan Morgenstern.

More information is available at https://www.jewishwomenstheatre.org/showsevents/performances/past-shows-2/the-space-between/


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VIDEO: Meet the Council!

Check out how our first meeting went! Get to know our council members and where they come from.

VIDEO: Meet the Council!2017-02-24T17:23:18-08:00