Episode #39: Getting Good at Getting Older with Rabbi Laura Geller

Happy Hannukah! On today’s episode, we welcome Rabbi Emerita Laura Geller to discuss her incredible book, Getting Good at Getting Older – she was the third member of our panel from a recent Sunday Morning at the Braid event and her insights were not to be missed! So Lisa and Maureen sat down with Rabbi Geller to hear her gems of wisdom and share them with you, our podcast audience.

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Rabbi Emerita Laura Geller of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, was one of the first women rabbis ordained in the U.S. and the first to lead a major metropolitan synagogue. Twice named one of Newsweek’s “50 Most Influential Rabbis in America,” she was featured in the PBS documentary Jewish Americans. Rabbi Geller is the author of numerous articles and books and was on the editorial board of The Torah: A Women’s Commentary. She is a Fellow of the Corporation of Brown University,
from which she graduated in 1971. One of her recent initiatives is, “Next Stage: Boomers and Beyond” and she is a founder of the first synagogue based ChaiVillageLA, which is part of the national Village Movement (chaivillagela.org). With her late husband Richard Siegel, author of The Jewish Catalog, Rabbi Geller authored the just-published book, Getting Good at Getting Older: A Practical Catalog Grounded in Jewish Wisdom.

For more info on Rabbi Geller and her book, head to rabbilaurageller.com