Episode #12: United Colors of Jews

Yes, Jewish people come in all different colors! Back in January NEXT @ The Braid, our emerging artist fellowship, partnered with Jews of Color to produce a night of stories highlighting Jewish diversity. Attendees were encouraged to bring family photos and introduce the audience to their “multicultural mishpacha” through a great story, and the night did not dissapoint! In this episode, we bring you three of those stories told on stage that night, hosted by the award-winning performer Joshua Silverstein (see bio below). We hear from Emily Bowen Cohen about her Native American heritage, Benny Lumpkins Jr.’s life-changing experiences growing up in Detroit, and Courtenay Edelhart’s generously donated Hannukah shopping spree in Bakersfield. Have a listen and join us for this incredibly eye-opening episode!

JOSHUA REUBEN SILVERSTEIN is an award-winning actor, comic, writer, beatboxer, and educator. His various performances and productions throughout the country have received admiration from such creative geniuses ranging from Norman Lear to Prince.

He is an original member of Norman Lear’s DECLARE YOURSELF ROAD TRIP SHOW, a 3-year spoken-word/musical performance tour encouraging the American people to register to vote.

Beatboxing since the age of 5, Joshua has become the West Coast’s most sought-after beatboxer, named by the Jewish News Service as “one of the best beatboxers in the world.” His various collaborations with artists such as Slash from Guns and Roses, poetic icon Ursula Rucker and Improv legend Wayne Brady have earned him the title of “the hardest-working performer in L.A.”

His solo show, “The Joshua Silverstein Show,” has been receiving rave reviews since its preview at the Greenway Court Theater in Los Angeles in 2014. An early version of the show, titled “Tell Me I’m Pretty” (directed by Diana Wyenn), was presented at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles in 2016.  Backed by a three-piece band, Joshua playfully weaves through personal narratives pertaining to race and gender constructs in America. Using devices including pantomime, beatboxing, rapping, and spoken word, Joshua has created a show that continues to inspire, challenge, provoke and motivate. For more info, please visit Joshua’s website.

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Episode #10: Happy Mother’s Day!

On this very special Mother’s Day edition of the JWT podcast, we quickly jump back to 2013 and the performance of Oh, Mother! a smash-hit of ours that was crafted to set the record straight about Jewish mothers, and there was nothing cliche about it! The piece featured in this episode is Evolution Without Me written and performed by Carol Schlanger.

Oh, Mother! was…

Produced by Ronda Spinak
Directed by Ellyn Gersh Lerner
Dramaturge Lisa Rosenbaum

Associate Produced by Susie Yuré and Abby Freeman

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Episode #1: The Space Between

The Space Between explores humorous, heartbreaking and surprising stories that cut to the heart of what divides us and illuminate the yearnings and struggles, successes and failures of reaching out to find common ground.This is a groundbreaking new show created by the first generation of NEXT @ The Braid, JWT’s Young Professionals Arts Council. These 12 up-and-coming young artists have brought together stories, songs, poems and plays to create a unique theatrical experience that hope to bridge the gap in a time of intense divisions.

2017 NEXT Arts Council Fellows: Amirose Eisenbach, Sigi Gradwohl, Abigail Marks, Chelsea London Lloyd, Andrew Fromer, Christian Alexander Prentice, Daphna Shull, Rachel Berney Needleman, Lisa Cirincione, Vicki Schairer, and Vanessa Espino. With Arts Council Producer: Abbe Meryl Feder and JWT Leadership: Artistic Director Ronda Spinak, Managing Director, Sharon Landau and Producing Director Susan Morgenstern

Performed by: Donnabella Mortel, Jesse Macht, Kyla Schoer, Michael Hanson, and Zoe Lillian.

Featuring stories by Rachelle Davidowitz, Adam Rotstein, Kaitlin Mamie, Sigi Gradwohl, Art Alonso, Daphna Shull, Julie Mayerson Brown, Max Mondi, Molly Murray, Vanessa Espino, Vicki Schairer and Abby Marks.

Featuring music by Jesse Macht, Dan Omelio and Emily Kitter.

Recorded in front of a live audience at The Braid in Santa Monica, CA on June 23, 2017.With generous support from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, Erwin Rautenberg Foundation, and Dennis Schuman Charitable Fund.

NEXT is a program of JWT. Artistic Director: Ronda Spinak; Managing Director: Sharon Landau; Producing Director: Susan Morgenstern.

More information is available at https://www.jewishwomenstheatre.org/showsevents/performances/past-shows-2/the-space-between/


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