Episode #34: Season 12 Preview with Ronda and Susan

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A show exploring mental illness – a collection of outrageous stories of the carnal sort – incredible life-changing moments. These are set to be shared in JWT’s inspiring 12th Salon Season! On today’s episode, JWT Artistic Director Ronda Spinak and JWT Producing Director Susan Morgenstern return to discuss what has them excited for this year’s 3-Salon Season which is sure to be our best season yet! Hear about the excitement shared when a writer reveals a secret for the first time on our stage, what we can look forward to in each Salon and what does it mean for a JWT piece to “marinate.”

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Want more info on Salon Theatre? Check out this video.

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Episode #5: A Passover Preview with Jim Ruxin

Lisa and Maureen are back with a very special preview of our upcoming March 4th film screening and talk with filmmaker Jim Ruxin. In this episode, Jim discusses how Arthur Szyk came to create one of the most well known haggadahs in the world, as well as detailing the Passover haggadah’s historical significance as a tool for storytelling, art display, and even war propaganda! Check out the info for March 4th’s event below:

Special Pre-Passover Film Event:
Hidden secrets and provocative pictures in Haggadot through the centuries and around the world.

Sunday, March 4 2pm – 4pm @ The Braid

Take a journey through the visual history of the diaspora as seen through 500 years of Haggadot, featuring the film “In Every Generation: Remaking The Szyk Haggadah,” with filmmaker Jim Ruxin. Prior to the film, Ruxin will present a short program about haggadot from around the world. To close the program he will display one of the new, fine art limited edition copies of the Szyk Haggadah for JWT’s guests to experience, along with a collection of diaspora haggadot.

$25 admission includes light refreshments.

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Episode #4: The Space Between (Abridged)

The Space Between explores humorous, heartbreaking and surprising stories that cut to the heart of what divides us and illuminate the yearnings and struggles, successes and failures of reaching out to find common ground. In this episode, we are bringing you a selection of pieces from the show.

To hear the show in its entirety, check out our very first episode!

This is a groundbreaking new show created by the first generation of NEXT @ The Braid, JWT’s Emerging Artists Fellowship. These 12 up-and-coming young artists have brought together stories, songs, poems and plays to create a unique theatrical experience that hope to bridge the gap in a time of intense divisions.

The pieces featured in this episode are:

MY FRIENDS TIED BUT I DID KNOT Written by Sigi Gradwohl Performed by Zoe Lillian
Check out Sigi’s original article on the Huffington Post!

LAKEWOOD Written by Rachelle Davidowitz Performed by Kyla Schoer and Zoe Lillian

A MARINE COMES HOME Adapted from an interview with Arturo Alsonso by Vicki Schairer and Lisa Cirincione Performed by Michael Hanson and Donnabella Mortel

NORTH STAR Music and Lyrics by Dan Omelio, Jesse Macht, and Emily Kitter Performed by Jesse Macht

INTERVENTION #2, HOW MAY I CONNECT YOU Written by Max Mondi Performed by Jesse Macht

2017 NEXT Arts Council Fellows: Amirose Eisenbach, Sigi Gradwohl, Abigail Marks, Chelsea London Lloyd, Andrew Fromer, Christian Alexander Prentice, Daphna Shull, Rachel Berney Needleman, Lisa Cirincione, Vicki Schairer, and Vanessa Espino. With Arts Council Producer: Abbe Meryl Feder and JWT Leadership: Artistic Director Ronda Spinak, Managing Director, Sharon Landau and Producing Director Susan Morgenstern

Performed by: Donnabella Mortel, Jesse Macht, Kyla Schoer, Michael Hanson, and Zoe Lillian.

Featuring stories by Rachelle Davidowitz, Adam Rotstein, Kaitlin Mamie, Sigi Gradwohl, Art Alonso, Daphna Shull, Julie Mayerson Brown, Max Mondi, Molly Murray, Vanessa Espino, Vicki Schairer and Abby Marks.

Featuring music by Jesse Macht, Dan Omelio and Emily Kitter.

Recorded in front of a live audience at The Braid in Santa Monica, CA on June 23, 2017.With generous support from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, Erwin Rautenberg Foundation, and Dennis Schuman Charitable Fund.

NEXT is a program of JWT. Artistic Director: Ronda Spinak; Managing Director: Sharon Landau; Producing Director: Susan Morgenstern.

More information is available at https://www.jewishwomenstheatre.org/showsevents/performances/past-shows-2/the-space-between/

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