Episode #52: Audio Replay of Dressing Hollywood! with Debra McGuire

In case you missed it, a talk with award-winning costume designer DEBRA MCGUIRE. Plus a photo fashion show of Debra’s work and audience Q & A.

Click Here for Video Replay

Moderated by Arlene Sarner, award-winning writer/producer.

Fashion Designer and Costume Designer DEBRA MCGUIRE is best known for her 10 years on TVs FRIENDS. Scores of other TV shows include NEW GIRL, FRESH OFF THE BOAT and SPEECHLESS. Film projects include ANCHORMAN and SONIC (The Hedgehog). Currently, she’s designing for Jennifer Aniston for THE MORNING SHOW and the upcoming FRIENDS reunion. A passionate theatre lover she’s created costumes for Dolly Parton and won Best Costume Design for the play Atlanta, and nominated for Best Costume Design for David Mamet’s BOSTON MARRIAGE. In 2016 she designed the original musical, I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU (written by Arlene Sarner and Jerry Leichtling,), was nominated for several OVATION awards.

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Episode #43: Audio Replay of Creative Couples Event

In case you missed it, Angella Nazarian dives into the stories of 15 couples who motivate one another, change their lives, and who have left an unparalleled mark on the world of literature, philosophy, and art due to their collaborations. From intellectuals and activists Martin and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the mysterious Queen Elizabeth 11 and Prince Philip, Nazarian highlights how each couple’s relationship enables them to reach greater heights in their respective fields. Join us for this special discussion PLUS:

-An interview with lawyer couple Nicole Kelly & Josh Ezrin
-An original JWT dramatic piece about Martin and Ruth Bader Ginsburg!
-Q&A with our guests

Discover how your relationships can motivate, nourish and transform you!.

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Want to watch a video replay of this event? Click here!

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Episode #42: Audio Replay of Rob Eshman Event

In case you missed it, Rob Eshman has just become the National Editor of the venerable, historic paper The Forward. Join Lisa Rosenbaum, author and JWT writer, for a talk about his vision for the challenge ahead and how a kid from Encino with a passion for food became one of America’s most influential Jewish journalists.

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Want to watch a video replay of Rob’s event? Click here!

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Episode #22: Jews in America – Fall Party Preview

On this episode, Lisa and Maureen are joined by Susan Baskin (see bio below) a writer and frequent contributor to JWT’s salons as well as JWT Artistic Director Ronda Spinak. Ronda and Susan have been working together over the past few months to prepare for JWT’s Fall Party, the annual kickoff to our season of salons. This year’s theme is Jews in America featuring historical documents, original works, music and more from all over the USA’s vibrant timeline. Maureen, Lisa, Susan and Ronda  discuss what inspired this year’s theme, the importance of citizenship and the duality of being a Jew in America, as well as a preview of what’s in store for this year at JWT. Listen and enjoy!

JWT Fall Party: Jews in America
October 28th, 2018 at a Home in Brentwood (details to follow ticket purchase)
Doors open at 1:30 PM for shmoozing, dessert buffet, and special surprises
Showtime is at 2:30 PM. 

If you bring someone who has never been to JWT before, you will receive a special thank you gift from us!

SUSAN BASKIN (Writer) wrote the Academy Award–winning film Violet and has also written extensively for television and film. Her credits include Remington Steele, Dynasty, and numerous television movies. Her essays have been published in The Los Angeles Times Magazine, West, and Los Angeles Magazine, and she is currently working on a novel.

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Episode #19: Sacred Resistance Update with Vicki Juditz and Ronda Spinak

On this week’s episode, Andrew sits down with the incredible storyteller Vicki Juditz, creator and star of the now OVATION RECOMMENDED Sacred Resistance, as well as JWT’s Artistic Director Ronda Spinak. They chat about the latest extension of dates for the show (Must close October 7th!) and discuss the amazing, heartwarming and surprising reactions that audiences are having to this show. PLUS a special preview clip from a performance! Have a listen and don’t forget to grab your tickets:

Sacred Resistance Credits:
Written and Performed by Vicki Juditz
Directed by Susan Morgenstern
Produced by Ronda Spinak 
Lighting Designer Ernest McDaniel
Stage Manager  Michelle A. Prudente
Associate Producers Susie Yuré & Rose Ziff
Artistic Associate Daphna Shull

Sacred Resistance was made possible with generous gifts from Annette & Leonard Shapiro and from Gail Solo.

For more info on Sacred Resistance, click here.

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Episode #11: Guilty Parties Update with Daphna Shull

On this episode, Vicki and Andrew chat with fellow member of NEXT at the Braid, Daphna Shull (see bio below) before Monday night’s performance at the Braid in Santa Monica of this year’s NEXT salon, Guilty Parties. They talk about their work together on the council, all the different areas that Daphna contributes to JWT and you’ll get to hear some bonus music written by Daphna that didn’t quite make it into the final show.

DAPHNA SHULL is a two-time NEXT Arts Council Fellow, literary manager, and writer, born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She received her bachelor’s degree in Media Production from Florida State University. After graduating in 2014, she headed west to pursue a career in screenwriting and the arts. Today, Daphna works as a museum educator for the Zimmer Children’s Museum and recently joined the JWT staff.

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Episode #3: A Preview with Arlene Sarner

Lisa and Maureen are back with a very special preview of our upcoming event, Jewish Women in Hollywood: Gamechangers.  They sit down with Sunday’s panel moderator, film and television veteran Arlene Sarner, a writer and award-winning producer, who has written for every major movie studio, including Universal, Fox, Columbia, Paramount, Disney, Warner Brothers, Tri-Star, and Orion, as well as TV networks ABC, CBS, CBC, and VHI. Her film work includes Academy Award-nominated Peggy Sue Got Married and Blue Sky, starring Jessica Lange in her Academy Award-winning role.Jewish Women in Hollywood (Sunday Morning Performance and Panel Discussion)
Join us for a dramatic performance followed by a panel discussion with TV executive Olivia Cohen-Cutler, film producer Sarah Platt, legendary film and TV costume designer Debra McGuire, actress/writer Heidi Kozak Haddad, plus actress/inventor Hedy Lamarr. These are some of Hollywood’s most successful, hardest-working women; learn how they do it, how they got here and how they’re going to keep on making a difference. $20 admission includes a light brunch, panel discussion, performance and Q&A.

Episode #3: A Prev