Episode #18: Story from a Prison Cell – Leslie Schwartz

Prepare for your Days of Awe with a Book Talk by award-winning author Leslie Schwartz. Her powerful new memoir: “The Lost Chapters: Finding Recovery and Renewal One Book at a Time” is one of atonement, transcendence, and of a passionate love of words. Join us for a light brunch, brief performance and discussion with Leslie about her transformational experience after being arrested and sentenced to 90-days in LA County jail…

Sunday August 26th,  10am-noon at The Braid in Santa Monica

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Episode #17: Uncorked with Corky Hale

If you don’t know Corky Hale’s name, you’ve most certainly heard her music.  Liberace, Sinatra, Streisand…just to name a few. And she’s accompanied many, many more! Corky has been performing as a jazz harpist, pianist, singer, flutist…she’s produced, owned a clothing store, auditioned in the nude…as she says, her life is nuts! And she joins us on stage at the The Braid, this Sunday July 29th to chat about her upcoming biography Corky Hale Uncorked, Music, Marriage and Making a Difference. A light brunch will also be served.

On this episode, Lisa and Maureen sit down with Corky and the book’s co-author Arlene Sarner to discuss some of the aspects and backstory of Corky’s life that will appear in the book. Have a listen and enjoy the stories!

VIDEO: Click here to watch Corky on the Tonight Show with Tony Bennett

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