Our New Storytelling Competition!

Our New Storytelling Competition!


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Step 1: What is StoryNosh?

A digital storytelling competition served in delicious bite-size pieces. Think of it as a grab-n-go story for the 21st-century soul.

Four themes will be explored over the course of our season, each featuring a handful of stories released weekly on YouTube. The story, within each theme, to accumulate the most views over its first week online will win the…

NiceNosh Award

A $100 cash prize, swag bag, accolades across social media and a chance to win…

The BigNosh

The tournament of champions between the winners of each theme! The four winning stories will be performed live on stage during a grand, in-person event (with sips and snacks) that is simultaneously LiveStreamed on YouTube.

The winner of the BigNosh wins a $250 cash prize.

All written submissions are considered by The Braid’s StoryNosh team. Selected works will be performed by professional actors and filmed by The Braid’s production team to be released digitally for a chance to win a NiceNosh Award and The BigNosh.

Step 2: How do I submit?

The Braid / StoryNosh produces contemporary stories grounded in Jewish culture and experience. Most of the stories are true.  If you want to see your work performed, your best chance is to submit a first-person narrative OR a short story that is no longer than 750 words AND illuminates a theme that StoryNosh is exploring (themes listed below.)  Stories, poems or songs will be considered.  Sometimes we incorporate short, 5-minute plays. 

  1. Do I need to be Jewish to submit? No, all are welcome to submit no matter their background.
  2. Does the piece I submit need to include Jewish content? No, but we prefer work to have some Jewish content or Jewish resonance.
  3. How long should my piece be? 750 words or less. If your piece is over 750 words, it will still be considered, but likely edited down by our literary team.
  4. If my work is selected, is there remuneration/residuals? Yes.  All works selected to be filmed by us are given an honorarium.
  5. My 5-minute play has multiple characters. No more than two characters per play will be considered for production.
  6. Can I submit my musical? Yes, but it should be within 750 words or 5 minutes in length and feature a maximum of two characters.
  7. Can I submit more than one piece? Yes. However, each piece needs to be submitted separately.
  8. My story has previously been published/produced. Can I still submit? Previously produced or published work is welcome. Please include production and/or publication history.
  9. When will I be notified if my piece is selected? We will reach out to you by email if your piece is selected to be released as part of StoryNosh. If you don’t hear from us by two weeks before the Youtube release date, please assume your piece was not selected. Nevertheless, your submission was appreciated and please try again with our other themes.
  10. Is there an age limit to submit? Submissions are open to writers of all ages.

Our first round of themes!

Click on the theme for more info:


No. You give us permission to distribute your story digitally and perhaps perform it live. However, you retain all the rights to your story.

Written pieces that are selected will win a $20 prize for being selected.

The pieces will then be edited and adapted by our skilled dramaturges to fit The Braid’s theatrical style. All edits will receive your approval before production begins.

Your work will then be performed by professional actors, filmed and produced by The Braid’s production staff.

There are four themes per year plus the BigNosh, i.e. the “tournament of champions,” between the NiceNosh winners of each theme.
Each story will be released at the same time on a Friday. When the next video is released, the counting of the first video ends. For example…

Friday #1: Video 1 is released

Friday #2: Video 2 is released. View counting on Video 1 ends…

Friday #3: Video 3 is released. View counting on Video 2 ends…

And so on.

Our Salon Theatre performances are held live, both on stage and virtually on Zoom. StoryNosh stories are presented as filmed pieces and released on YouTube.

You can submit to both! StoryNosh just allows us to explore additional themes that are different from our Salon Theatre series.

No. Writers do not perform their own work. However, in rare cases, we will allow a writer/performer to perform their own story. Writer/performers will need to send a performance reel along with their submitted story.