Stories and Scholarship: a one-of-a-kind legacy

What is the Story Archive Project?

Story Archive of Women Rabbis starts as a project of Jewish Women’s Theatre, now The Braid, in 2011 to develop an all-digital, web-based archive that collects, preserves, and makes accessible the poignant stories, thought-provoking insights and spiritual points-of-view of women rabbis who have broken through the stained-glass ceiling and are changing Judaism forever.

Story Archive of Women Rabbis joins in partnership with Jewish Women’s Archive to launch the collection of groundbreaking stories at

Why is this project important?

For over 3200 years men serve as spiritual leaders in Judaism. Fifty years ago all that changes when the first woman was officially ordained as rabbi.

In the years since, an unprecedented revolution of theology, prayer and text interpretation ensues. But like every generation that lives through a major paradigm shift, we cannot possibly know or predict the full impact of this radical cultural transformation in our lifetime.

The Braid commits to recording the stories of the women who have joined men as spiritual leaders in Judaism. These extraordinary women and their extraordinary lives are the focus of the archive.  The legacy of our generation is to make sure the struggles and triumphs of this very select group of trailblazing women are preserved and remembered for future generations.

We are proud to join with Jewish Women’s Archive in preserving and making accessible these valuable and historic stories.

Development of Story Archive

History is made.  More than 185 interviews are collected from women rabbis from around the world (including France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, Argentina and Israel). This number represents more than 15% of the female rabbi population. The visual history of these women is archived on the Jewish Women’s Archive website.  Currently, 75 women rabbis and some of their stories can be seen at

Funds are needed to sustain and expand this important project. Many of the first generation women rabbis are beginning to retire. We must not miss this opportunity to collect their historic stories and preserve them.

Donate Now. This project is a gift to posterity.  Give generously.

“This archive is a gift to the Jewish people.”

Joshua Holo, Dean,
Hebrew Union College

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The transformative power of women rabbis”
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“An important series
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Rabbi Brad Artson,
Dean, Ziegler School of
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“We are pleased to be listed as a sponsor of this
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Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz,
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