On this episode, Vicki and Andrew chat with fellow member of NEXT at the Braid, Daphna Shull (see bio below) before Monday night’s performance at the Braid in Santa Monica of this year’s NEXT salon, Guilty Parties. They talk about their work together on the council, all the different areas that Daphna contributes to JWT and you’ll get to hear some bonus music written by Daphna that didn’t quite make it into the final show.

DAPHNA SHULL is a two-time NEXT Arts Council Fellow, literary manager, and writer, born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She received her bachelor’s degree in Media Production from Florida State University. After graduating in 2014, she headed west to pursue a career in screenwriting and the arts. Today, Daphna works as a museum educator for the Zimmer Children’s Museum and recently joined the JWT staff.