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Salon Theatre reinvents Jewish theater by putting a contemporary spin on the centuries old tradition of Jewish women hosting salons.

Salon Theatre is a thematically driven evening of theatrical entertainment in which professional actors in intimate settings perform contemporary stories.  At-Homes Salon Theatre evenings may include stories, plays, poetry, music, humorous monologues, an adaption of literary material, fine art, and dance, followed by lively discussion…and, of course, food.  Shows may be performed in homes, synagogues, museums, art galleries, universities, JCCs, Jewish organizations, prisons and more!

Salons originated in France as a way to explore counterculture unacceptable to those in power.  During the Age of Enlightenment, Jewish women embraced this convention with gusto, hosting some of the most prominent music, literary and art salons of the day.  Today The Braid reinvents the Salon model to provide an outlet to debunk harmful and dangerous stereotypes of the Jewish people and to offer up a platform for Jews to see that which unifies rather than divides.