Next @ The Braid: The Art of Storytelling

A conversation with artists, writers, & storytelling experts. Featuring: Gary Buchler, producer: The Moth, Shoot ‘Em Up Cindy Chupack, Award-winning writer: Sex And The City, Modern Family; Annie Korzen, Award-winning storyteller/actress: JWT, Seinfeld; Matt Price, Award-winning writer/actor: Regular Show, Transparent; Moderated by Ronda Spinak, artistic director, JWT & The Braid


Susie Yure´is ready for check in

Kimberly Haynes in a pensive moment pre-show

Susan Moregenstern directs last minute rehearsal

Musician Marla Leigh Goldstein warms up before the show

Dramaturge Lisa Rosenbaum discusses script with Alan Ross

Photos by Jan Burns