They are calling this a pandemic.
Widespread, over OMG
Over our whole world.
Is this like the black plague?
Are we all going to die?

Pandemic means, extensive,
It’s closed countries,
All over our world
Impacting rich and poor alike.
No one is immune.

I don’t want to die
Of something like this,
I don’t want my friends and family
To get sick and die.
And I don’t want to live in fear.

With media screaming at us
Every minute of every day
How can we not be frightened?
Even though no one
In our county has been diagnosed.

The grocery stores have been
Decimated by those in fear.
First no paper goods,
Then hardly any non-perishables.
Even fresh foods are scarce.

All of my friends have self
Quarantined, isolated,
Afraid to be in contact
With almost anyone,
We are all running scared.

This is not the middle ages
Not a time when we don’t understand
Contagion, and cleanliness.
How could we have come to this?
Is this a punishment by God?

I need people in my life.
I need interactions to feel alive.
I need to go and do.
I want fresh food to eat.
I don’t need fear to dominate.

They tell us to do five things
To keep ourselves safe,
But is that enough?
Do we need to do more?
What more can I do?

The only thought that comes to mind
Is to sing the Misheberach prayer,
Over and over again.
And follow the instructions.
But it is so hard to live this way.


Thank you Suzanne, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: