Our Emerging Artists Program

The Braid’s NEXT Emerging Artist Program is a unique and groundbreaking fellowship that provides professional development, networking opportunities and a platform to Jewish directors, writers, actors, marketing specialists, filmmakers, and other creatives in their 20s and 30s. Each year, a council of six to eight new artists is selected through an application process to serve on a council that works together over a nine-month period to create a Salon Theatre production.

NEXT has supported 33 paid fellowships who have engaged 238 emerging artists in creating new work.

If you are an emerging artist and would like to get involved, please email NEXT Producer Andrew Fromer:

Our 2020-2021 NEXT Fellows

David Chiu
Amanda Horowitz
Zak Lempert
Julie Lanctot
Isaac “Izzy” Salant
Vicki Schairer
Aysha Wax
Daphna Shull (Literary Manager)
Andrew Fromer (Producer)

Info about our 2021-2022 Council is in the works. Stay tuned!

Pushing the Boundaries

We work with artists from all mediums to push our storytelling into the digital space! Here is a filmed piece from our latest salon, The Way Home…

Where Jewish Artists Collaborate

Hear from our 2018/19 council on the AudioNosh Podcast! What happens when you bring together the next generation of Jewish theatre artists under one roof?


Hear what audiences, writers, past and present Fellows, and contributing artists have to say about NEXT!

NEXT has supported 33 paid fellowships who have engaged 238 emerging artists in creating new work. Here’s what Fellows have appreciated:

“NEXT is important for the arts because young artists need to see how art institutions are working and to understand where they came from to be able to move forward and create our own art more effectively.”
-Vicki, Council Member 2016-2018 and Digital Producer Consultant

“…I most appreciated that everyone got to have a voice in this group.”
-Devan, Council Member 2017-2018

“NEXT has informed me what’s really important about storytelling.”
-Chelsea, Council Member 2016-2017 and Actor in 2018

“I think trying to figure out your identity within your community and being able to incorporate art within that, it helps me to figure out who I am.”
-Daphna, Council Member 2016-2018 and now Artistic Associate of The Braid

“In the arts so often our peers are our competitors, here it was so refreshing they were my collaborators”
-Sarah, Council Member 2017-2018

Have some questions?
Contact our NEXT Council Coordinator Andrew Fromer

We don’t just make live theater! Check out some of NEXT’s videos below and be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST, co-created and conceived by NEXT council members…

Wondering what folks are feeling guilty about?

Thank you so much to our most recent group of incredible partners!

This program is generously supported by grants from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Los County Department of Arts and Culture, and Erwin Rautenberg Foundation. We are also grateful for generous support from Gail Solo and seed funding from Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, Erwin Rautenberg Foundation, Dennis Schuman Charitable Foundation, Y & S Nazarian Initiative and NuRoots, programs of The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.