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My Bad, My Good

November 8 – 10, 2015

Honest, revealing and funny confessions of 20/30 somethings that will make you rethink your views about a new generation!


Material adapted and produced by Ronda Spinak
Directed by Susan Morgenstern
Assistant Director
Lisa Cirincione
JWT Producer Jodie Mendelson
House Producers Elana Polan, Josh Hillinger and Sam Mandel

Welcome – Jodie Mendelsohn, JWT Producer and Board Member

I’ll Raise My Voice
Music and Lyrics by Rachel Eskenazi-Gold.  Vocals by Mirai Booth-Ong.

A Jewish Pastry
Written by Anna Forward.  Performed by Lisa Cirincione and Sean Topps.

Adventures in Judaism of an Honorary Jew
Written by Marina Chan.  Performed by Mirai Booth-Ong, Arva Rose and Sean Topps.

Motherly Love
Written by Lili Nanus.  Performed by Matisse Rose and Arva Rose.

Jewess Leaves her House
Written by Jess Ansik.  Performed by Pontea Banayan.

The Pretzel
Written by Allyson Himelstein.  Performed by Matisse Rose, Lisa Cirincione, and Sean Topps.

An Answer to My Prayers
Written by Henry W. Kimmel.  Performed by Sean Topps and Lisa Cirincione.

The Designated Mourner
Written by Lizzie Shackney.  Performed by Mirai Booth-Ong.

Crank House Just Got Crankier
Written by Grace Fetterman.  Performed by Matisse Rose, Arva Rose and Mirai Booth-Ong.

Truth In Pictures
Story by Rabbi Rochelle Tulik, adapted by Ronda Spinak and Rabbi Lynne Appel.  Performed by Lisa Cirincione.

Father in Me
Written by Paul V.  Performed by  Sean Topps.

Throw Out
Music and lyrics by Pontea Banayan.  Performed by Pontea Banayan.


JESS ANSIK (Writer) draws her inspiration from friends, family, and eavesdropping on conversations at coffee shops. She is currently finishing her thesis at LMU’s School of Film and Television, where she was recently honored with the Best Screenwriter’s Award. When she’s not writing, Jess spends most of her time with her dog, Dexter, and being ignored by her cat, Arya. She would like to thank her mom and sister for leading by extraordinary example and encouraging her to always live passionately and creatively.
PONTEA BANAYAN (Actor/Singer-Songwriter) LA native singer-songwriter Pontea, an up-and-coming solo performance artist, colors her self-penned works with elements of R&B and a soulfully intense, catchy pop delivery. No stranger to the live performance scene in Southern California, her vibrantly rich vocals and keys-driven acoustic-electro hybrid sound speak to a new generation of singer-songwriters. Pontea’s compelling live shows might even feature some spontaneous beat boxing, which she has been known to engage her audiences in from time to time. Find more information and links to her music at
MIRAI BOOTH-ONG (Actor) has appeared in numerous television and film projects, including ABC’s Scandal and CBS’s Extant, and MTV’s Teen Wolf.  She had supporting roles in the award-wi