Love is staying home as much as possible for those of us who can stay home.
Love is staying physically away from vulnerable people we know and love.
Love is avoiding in-person events and groups for now.
Love is sacrificing things that bring us everyday joy so we can save lives.
Love is speaking up against all forms of racism and oppression.
Love is picking up the phone to call and say hi.
Love is FaceTiming dinner.
Love is sending little gifts to brighten someone’s day.
Love is sending text messages or emails to check in.
Love is providing sick days.
Love is providing remote work and flexible schedules.
Love is giving people a break who work and need to care for their kids or elders or selves.
Love is making sure all workers are safe.
Love is keeping workers on payroll even if they can’t make it to work.
Love is paying people whose gigs you had to cancel.
Love is voting.
Love is advocating for universal healthcare, sick days, paid family leave, basic income.
Love is providing shelter and healthcare to everyone.
Love is sharing.
Love is listening.
Love is supporting.
Love is caring.  Love is caring.  Love is caring.  Love is caring.  Love is caring.

Thank you Maya, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: