I’m a survivor. I’ve survived losing a dear friend, raising a teenager, divorce, and being in show biz in LA with grey hair and pudgy thighs.
Five years ago, I survived pancreatic cancer, and that’s not nothing.
So, I’m a survivor.
And now, like you, I’m surviving this. 

Normally, I am a “to do” list kind of gal, booked within an inch of my life.  Between 6 AM yoga, auditions, writing sessions, acting projects, directing assignments, and other work related activities, plus all of the life stuff – banking, cooking, caring and feeding of the adorable husband person, picking up dry cleaning, the list goes on – and I know you’ve got yours too – there is always something taking me out into the world. 

But not now. I can’t go out so I am forced to go within. 


It’s a really lovely and important place to go, but it doesn’t always make my list.
And now, it’s the only thing on my list.  I’ve been told to stay on the couch.  It’s my civic duty.

My son is home from college, and will complete his last semester remotely before graduating in June.  My husband and I are working from home.  The three of us have arrived here together in this moment and I am drinking in this found time together. 

We eat homemade soup, play cards, work on a 1,000 piece puzzle, Netflix up a storm.  Last night we watched Ratatouille. 

We are finding the silver lining in this very dark and unimaginable cloud.

I’m a survivor.  May today have space for us all to listen to our breathing.  To be grateful for the breath we have. I am breathing with you.

Thank you Wendy, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: