CHARACTER:   Shirley – surviving the virus. 


The virus now surrounds us.
It haunts us and it hounds us.
It causes social distance and lowers our resistance.
The toilet paper blues comprise our latest news.
We notice upon entry, the market shelves are empty.
We wave instead of hugging. Downhill we keep on chugging.
So how will we survive this plague?
Vaccination information?  Negative and vague.
Ah, but turn the page and please engage.
Remember scarlet fever, polio and mumps?
Those diseases came in clumps.
We conquered them because we could.
We’ll win again, that’s understood.
So don’t despair and give up hope.
And please don’t sit around and mope.
Let’s overcome our fear,
knowing a new day is near.
When it’s time to rejoice, raise your voice.
We will beat this plague, that much is clear!

Thank you Shirley, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: