The squirrels are partying under my orange tree eating more citrus than I can possibly pick.  The green onions are taking over my yard bouncing white blossoms in the breeze.  Arrogant arugula ignores the rocks between my manicured beds, spreading, heading for my neighbor’s yard.  Nature knows no boundaries, no borders between yards, nations, families or faiths.  She is an equal opportunity benefactor, empowering babies as well as bacteria.

Nature’s been trying to get our attention for a long time and now she’s got it.  We’ve been fighting her all our lives, and now we must humbly admit her powers are uncontestable.  But in return, the air is clearer of pollutants as our driving and producing and consuming slacken.  We are forced into stillness and valuing simpler things.  We are again reminded that the survival of man and womankind has always been and always will be miraculous.  I ache for the folks fighting for their livelihoods and lives while I add wild greens in citrus sauce to my salad.

Thank you Melanie, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: