I’m an older woman now,
I’ve been around, I know the ropes.
I’ve dreamed the dreams
And hoped the hopes.
And by and large I’ve been fulfilled.
I wrote my songs
And sang them too.
You may have heard me,
Some of you!
I’ve loved and lost
And loved and won—
To wit, two daughters
And a son.
So yes, I’d say I’ve  been fulfilled.
And in fulfillment,
I’ve been blessed.
Yes, in fulfillment
I’ve been blessed.
Baruch atah adonai,, eloheinu  melech haolam,
Shehechianu v’kiemanu v’ higianu lazman hazeh.
Blessed are You, oh Lord my god,
King of the universe,
Who has sustained me
And brought me to this moment in time. 

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