Dimmed lights cast shadows
from shiny crystal candlesticks
upon the food-stained damask tablecloth
of white word-worn texture. 

Flower petal china plates
rest quietly with
scattered remnants of
familiar food delicacies,
recalling memories of ancient times—
unforgotten misery and joy.

Family and friends, an invited
but unattended guest-
the hope for peace
and freedom for all
kindness, fairness, goodness
abound as the special topping
of the final course.

Dimmed lights get dimmer
until next year
when we need to
retell the already told story
over the crisp white tablecloth
welcoming us all back
for the last supper… again.

This year we shared 

in distance yet still from our hearts

next year may we recall it all

on the damask tablecloth

of white word-worn texture

in person for the last supper

once again.

Thank you Vicki, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: