Anne Frank hid in a 450 ft. attic for 761 days ~ quietly trying to remain undiscovered to stay alive.  I believe we have the ability, and most of us the luxury, to stay in our homes for a while, with our clean running water, soap for our hands, food in our refrigerators and blankets on our beds. 

My Mother was torn apart from her family and home in Germany and placed on a Kinder-transport when she was 11 years old. She lived in an orphanage for 4 years during WWII and never spoke to or saw her family again. She made Aliyah (moved permanently) to what was called “Palestine,” and trained to become a nurse. She then served in the army on the front lines in the War of Independence for Israel. 10 years later, Aviva traveled to Los Angeles by herself, where she worked, met my father, married and started a family. This is the very short version of the story. Much tragedy and new-found love occurred on her incredible life journey. There was resilience and a force within my Mother to go with the change, not against it, as she moved forward as a survivor of incredible circumstances.

The Jewish People are RESILIENT. 

I have also seen my difficulties. Being a survivor of our family history of depression, anxiety, and even cancer, I have overcome all of the odds and I reflect on my experiences as opportunities of learning and growth.  And although I have had tremendous support, I have always felt a bit alone in this transformational process.  

Currently, these are challenging times. Many people feel scared and vulnerable. Anyone can transmit and receive the Covid-19 virus. Only this time, the experience transcends race, religion, wealth and nationality. It is not indiscriminate. And although there is still much prejudice, blaming, anti-semitism, anti-Asian, particularly Chinese, anti-gay and many other negative and destructive sentiments and actions, there is no denying that we are in this together. Many people may die, yet many more will persevere, just as their ancestors did before them.  

We are RESILIENT, we humans. We have all been through much, and I believe we will bounce back again. But we must do it differently this time. We have to transmute the past, and make amends for the future. We must CHANGE; internally and externally. And, we must LOVE more unconditionally and fully; ourselves and each other.   

 This virus is encompassing our planet, our world.  It is displayed on the big stage now. It is showing us how separate we have been and how united we must become. We live in opposites, Dark and Light, Night and Day, Moon and Sun, Sky and Earth, Land and Sea. Yet, they all work together in perfect unison. Let’s take notice of this perfect collaboration. 

Togetherness, Comm-Unity, Oneness, Whole-ness. RESILIENCY. 

For those people who have done their work and feel they have risen in mind, body and spirit, I commend you for being here now and helping the planet in all your capacity to heal.  For all of us struggling as well, re-birth is on its way. 

Thank you Andrea, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: