Covid 19 has brought about an important new relationship in my life; Paper Towels.  I’m writing this because quite frankly, I’m surprised at myself.  I really should be part of a social science study, if they ever have one.

The question has come up multiple times in our lives as to what would be the most important things we would grab if we had to run out of our homes quickly due to a fire or an earthquake.  Now I am faced with what is the most important thing I must be stocked up on due to the Covid 19 Virus.  

I am most surprised to find out how important paper towels have become to my life.  This phenomena surprisingly appeared after I was stocked up on anything that sanitizes.

It seems not to be enough that I have a gigantic pack of Costco Paper Towels in my condo storage locker.  This became apparent when this morning I was once again at CVS.  I have it figured out now (as do many other people).  Find out what time the shipment arrives and be at the store an hour before.

In the beginning the employees unpacked everything and brought the goods behind the cash register counter.  Now, there is a new plan.  On this morning’s visit where I once again saw the familiar face of the smiling Floor Manager, he guided all of us to the door of the back room where the goods are delivered.  Now, they have cut out the middleman.  The goods come right out of the boxes handing them directly to those of us who reach out the furthest with the strongest intention of getting the booty.  Satisfied, I load my car knowing I will be back again shifting my attention to more sanitizer wipes… just in case.

I kept questioning myself.  Why are paper towels so important to me now, when I never gave them a thought before?  When I couldn’t mathematically figure out how many perforated pieces a role had to last me how many times a day that I rip off  a piece to dry my hands after I wash them because my dish towel may be hovering germs from my last hand wash, or how many times I use one to open a door …that’s when I’m not using my Clorox wipes, I came to the only solution. Not being able to figure out the mathematics of all this, for as many of you know I am not good at match, the only solution is to keep buying them.

So when this is all over, you know where to come for paper towels. And when I can get my hands on more sanitizer (excuse the pun), I’m sure I’ll have plenty of those available too.

Thank you Terry, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: