I slip into the jacuzzi tub
As it fills with warm water.
I breathe deeply
My eyes close
As it bubbles around me
And my hair lifts and floats
Like a mermaid
Swimming free in the ocean.
The water
A soothing caress
On my shoulders, arms, legs, feet.

I slide to a good spot
The jet of water
Between my open legs
Gentle as a kitten
Lapping milk from a saucer
Dreaming of you.
I move closer to the jet
Both hands grasp the faucet behind me
Pretending it is you
Holding my wrists
Possessing me
Flying with you
Into the galaxy

Nothing compares
To what we share
To you on top of me
Inside me
Your arms around me
Your lips on mine
Me wrapped around you
Nothing compares

This is love in the time of Coronavirus

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