Seven things I’ve discovered this first week sheltering in place:

  1. Routine is a luxury.
  2. Respect the kitchen. Keep your distance.
  3. When I don’t have to go out in public, a pair of cotton undies always wins over a HankyPanky thong. 
  4. My ever-youthful yoga teacher who in real life looks 40 somehow looks 50 on the Zoom screen. 
  5. The value of solitude is in direct proportion to my being in the world and connected to people. Without that balance, solitude just slinks and oozes into boredom and loneliness. 
  6. Our loud young neighbors send an email asking if we need help getting groceries. Sweet. We have officially become the Elderly Couple Next Door.
  7. I now can FaceTime-babysit a grandbaby 3000 miles away by making up new lyrics to “Baby Beluga.” 

Thank you Kate, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: