I’m not an alcoholic. I won’t become an alcoholic.

But this virus is definitely driving me to drink.  Everyday, a hundred times a day it seems, I’m reminded that I’m vulnerable.  I’m in the waaay over 65 category.

First drink of wine tonight.  The virus is coming for me and too bad, because I don’t get the ventilator if it comes.

Maybe I should have a second glass.  No ventilator for me if it is between me and a millennial.  That’s called triage.

A little vodka couldn’t hurt.  Oh G-d, what happens if I run out?  Supermarkets are having Senior Hours the same way bars used to have Happy Hours.  Maybe the stores will start blaring disco music and install large tv screens showing old sports events?  Can I trust all those other shoppers to have taken the right precautions?  It’s 7 in the morning, but I might need a shot just to fortify my supermarket run.

Does alcohol help kill the virus?  Maybe drinking is good for me.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Bottoms up!

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