When I was a little girl in grammar school my mother was told I had to bring “something comfortable” to school on which to sleep, should I have to spend the night.  It was the Second World War. 

My newly married sister worried about her husband drafted into the army  just as I worried ten years later when my new husband was shipped to Korea – The Korean Conflict. 

A few short years later, countless American lives were lost fighting in Vietnam. adding to the sad totals of previous wars. 

Today, our country is threatened once again.  This time not by military force but by a no lesser evil – Covid 19. 

Just as Americans have prevailed in the past, we will get through this; face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers our weapons; isolation  our greatest challenge.

Just as Americans joined together in solidarity before, we are doing so again today. 

This too will pass.  We will come out stronger; grateful and appreciative of one another and of our country.  God bless.

Thank you Chickie, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: