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We have over 70 unique themed shows to bring to your synagogue, JCC, museum, university, retirement home or private event. Want to experience illuminating stories about forgiveness at Yom Kippur? How about celebrating Chanukah with a contemporary show about resilience? We can help you deepen conversations around diversity in Judaism with our show on Jews of Color. Check out our list of shows and let us know what fantastic set of stories you’d like delivered to you!
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Prayer & Performance

There are many ways to experience a prayer service or spiritual moment. Our short, impactful, and true stories can weave their way through any service or sermon – framing prayers, songs or silence with a unique perspective on whatever spiritual exploration is desired.
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Holocaust Education

Through our groundbreaking show/film Stories from the Violins of Hope, you can engage your community, school, or activist group in a unique discussion around the Holocaust. Stories from the Violins of Hope is the only show to dramatize the incredible backstory behind the famed collection of violins that emerged from World War II Europe. Blending a poetic script with live music, this production is one-of-a-kind.
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Through our groundbreaking show True Colors, you can engage your community, school, or activist group in a unique discussion around diversity, equity and inclusion. True Colors features humorous, revealing and inspiring stories from Jews of Color exploring identity, community and being a Jew in modern times.
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Develop a Custom Show

Do you have a set of stories that you desperately want to tell but you’re not sure how? Over 15 years of creating original, unique storytelling shows & events we have become experts at taking anything involving words such as interviews, journal entries, or any written material and adapting to the stage for an engaging moving experience. Let us know what ideas you have!
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Our Reach – Our Partners

Our success and impact would not be possible without the generous support of our individual and organizational partners that fuel our ability to build community and connection, one story at a time.  We are so honored to count these community partners among our growing and thriving community who have committed to supporting our work.
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