Hello, Pharoah, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Will you finally let my people go?
Else streams of blood will flow
A Divine vision has been planted in my brain
And still remains
All around you there’ll be plagues and violence.

I killed your foreman all alone
“Cause he whipped one of my own
“Neath the halo of Pithom and Ramses
Which my people built as food silo cities
Then, my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a burning bush
Oh, Pharoah, shush….
Prepare for plagues and violence.

And in my mind’s eye I saw
At least twelve plagues, maybe more
Blood flowing down the River Nile
Vermin, hail, and beasts; how vile
Locusts, sick cattle, and, then disgusting boils
Beware, you Royals
And fear these plagues and violence

“Egyptian Fool, set us free
Or you will be quite sorry.
Hear my words that I beseech you
Or you’ll have frogs all over you”
And Moses’ words, like fiery hailstones fell
As there were more plagues and violence.

Moses said “prepare to go
Quickly grab some unbaked dough.
The Angel of Death knows to ignore
Those with lamb blood smeared on their doors
Heed my words and let us soon depart
Before more plagues and violence.”

And the Hebrews bowed and prayed
Unleavened cakes of bread they made
Total darkness was the last to scorn
Before the death of any male first born
All of these plagues and violence

After all of the begs and pleas,
Moses led us into the Sea of Reeds
And in the face of the Pharaoh’s wrath
The Hebrews walked upon a dry path

Cherish the gift of freedom.

Thank you Elisa, for your story! “Inside Our Time” digital series: