For Goodness’ Sake – Live on Zoom

A unique theatrical experience exploring hilarious and heartfelt stories of the places where our moral compass leads us – good and bad.
July 19, 23, 25, 27 & August 5, 2020




Produced by Andrew Fromer
Material Adapted & Curated by Daphna Shull, Leenie Baker & Izzy Salant
Directed by David Chiu & Sophie Greenbaum
Literary Consultant Ora Yashar – Digital Producer Charles “Chaz” Volk
Stage Manager Amanda Horowitz
JWT Artistic Director Ronda Spinak – JWT Producing Director Susan Morgenstern
Associate Producers Rose Ziff, Susie Yuré & Rachel Minkoff – JWT Managing Director Sharon Landau
This show is generously supported by Gail Solo.



    The 3 Part Journey of Eve Eating the Apple: Part 1 – “Desire“
   Music & Lyrics by Sophie Greenbaum.  Performed by Rosie Moss.

   Truants |
   Written by Shirl Kelemer.  Performed by AJ Meijer.

   A Girl’s Guide to Surviving Your Father’s Wedding
   Written by Lena Rudnik.  Performed by Rosie Moss and AJ Meijer.

  Hebrew School and Hookups
   Written by Aysha Wax.  Performed by Lauren Aboulafia and Jasmine Curry.

   Big Jugs
   Written by Pattie Baker.  Performed by Jasmine Curry.

   The Soup Aisle
   Written by Farah R. Rashdan.  Performed by Rosie Moss.

   Holy Ground
   Written by David Chiu.  Performed by AJ Meijer.

   Everything I Need to Know About Being Jewish I Learned From The Nanny *
   Written by Allison Fradkin.  Performed by Lauren Aboulafia.

   The 3 Part Journey of Eve Eating the Apple: Part 2 – “I Ate the Apple” /“I’m Gettin’ Good
at Being Bad” 

   I Ate the Apple
   Music & Lyrics by Sophie Greenbaum.

   I’m Gettin’ Good at Being Bad
   Music by Marco Marinangeli, Lyrics by Mike Himelstein
© Walt Disney Music ASCAP – used by permission of the songwriters.
Performed by AJ Meijer and Rosie Moss.

  Too Much
  Written by Romy Roshan.  Performed by Jasmine Curry and AJ Meijer.

  Written by Ruth Yasharpour.  Performed by Rosie Moss.

  Super Scar
  Written and performed by Lauren Aboulafia.

  The 3 Part Journey of Eve Eating the Apple: Part 3- “Grow”
  Music & Lyrics by Sophie Greenbaum.  Performed by Rosie Moss.


LIZ ALTMAN (Writer) wrote “Almost a Sacrifice,” previously performed at the JWT salon Unknown Stories of Biblical Proportions.  Other credits include song lyrics for activities at the University of Michigan and the Dallas Bar Follies; co-directing, co-writing, and performing in the annual SMU law school follies.  JWT:  Advisory board member and South Bay producer.  Professional:  Vice president of a real estate company.  Hobbies:  tennis, art, and travel.  Special love to her muse, Louis.