Family Matters Live on Zoom

We love them.  We hate them.  The matters of family, and why family matters, are as old as the Bible.  This show reveals in stories and songs our most personal family stories.
March 6, 7, 11, 15, 2021




Material Adapted, Curated, & Produced by Ronda Spinak
Directed by Susan Morgenstern • Dramaturg Lisa Rosenbaum & Susan Baskin • Literary Manager Suzanna Kaplan • Stage Manager Amanda Horowitz • Assistant Stage Manager Talya Camras  • Assistant Artistic Director Andrew Fromer  • Creative Associate Daphna Shull  • Associate Producers Rose Ziff & Susie Yuré  • Managing Director Sharon Landau

WELCOME — Ronda Spinak, Artistic Director

You’re Not My Mother
Music & lyrics by Mike Himelstein. Performed by Rick Zieff.

The First Time
Written by Susan Wolfe. Performed by Jasmine Curry.

The Appointment Book
Written by Wendy Carson Turk. Performed by Kate Zentall and ensemble.

You Call That A Coat?
Written by Scott S. Hart. Performed by Rick Zieff and Shelly Goldstein.

My Jewish Mother
Written by Mindi Rivin. Performed by Shelly Goldstein.

Necessary Fictions — First appeared in The Forward
Written by Susan Baskin.  Performed by Kate Zentall.

My Father – Hero and Coward — First appeared in The Los Angeles Times
Written by Rabbi Mark S. Miller. Performed by Rick Zieff.

A Millennial Celebrates Mother’s Day
Written by Lynne Himelstein. Performed by Shelly Goldstein.

Why Does Family Matter? — A Short Film
Created by Ronda Spinak and Andrew Fromer. Performed by The Braid’s company of actors.

The Day the World Went White — Adapted from a soon-to-be-published poetry collection: Longing & Be-Longing: Poems, Prayers & Reflections
Written by Paulette Rochelle-Levy. Performed by Kate Zentall.

Surviving Papa
Written by Natasha M. Basley. Performed by Jasmine Curry and Rick Zieff.

Close to My Heart — First appeared in News and Views SCPD
Written by Gladys A. Layne. Performed by Kate Zentall.

The Banquet — A Commission of The Braid
Written and performed by Shelly Goldstein.

Lost in a Place Called Home
Written by Kiren Dosanjh Zucker. Performed by Jasmine Curry.



SUSAN BASKIN (Dramaturg) wrote the Academy Award winning Film, Violet, and has written extensively for television and film. Her essays have been published in The Los Angeles Times Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine. Susan has written a number of pieces for JWT including “I, Citizen,” which was commissioned by Jewish Women’s Theatre. She is currently at work on a novel.

NATASHA M. BASLEY (Writer) is a short-story and creative non-fiction writer who has worked in international affairs for nearly two decades while also pursuing her passion in the arts. Singing in the Peace Child Honor Choir of Los Angeles took her to a Soviet pioneer camp in the 1980s in Yalta, where kids from the U.S. and U.S.S.R. performed a joint musical production. She also performed as an actor in Nancy Keystone’s award-winning The Akhmatova Project and in Bill Viola’s internationally acclaimed series, The Passions, which continues to be showcased in museums all over the world. When living in Nepal, Ms