Tell the Stories You Want to Tell

Do you have a collection of stories that you hope to tell? Perhaps a beloved family member left behind a diary with entries that are moving and meaningful.

We are always open to new ideas and exploring different ways to create Salon Theatre experiences around new and interesting themes.

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Examples of previously created custom shows:

  • A synagogue that we frequently work with wanted to celebrate Purim with a special performance that also included musical performances from their clergy. After some preliminary discussions, we as a team decided to highlight the theme of hiding in costume (a custom on Purim). We pulled stories from our archives which covered about 40 minutes of performance time and the clergy filled in the rest of the time with their music. That is how we ended up with our Purim show, “Who’s Hiding Now?”
  • A patron who works for a well-known non-profit wanted to create a special show for their annual fundraiser. They wanted it to be a celebration of the company founder, who had a publicly available diary/journal. The journal entries are now being used as source material for the show, which is currently still in the works.