The True Colors Experience


Dive deeper to create real change

The Braid interviewed 18 Jews of Color in the summer of 2022. Each individual shared their personal experiences, struggles and hopes to create more inclusive communities. Footage from the interviews, edited together, resulted in five videos offering concrete steps for impact and change.

“Questions” (2:59 minutes)

“Welcoming” (2:55 minutes)

“Diverse History” (1:40 minutes)

“Intermarriage” (3:00 minutes)

“Assumptions” (1:55 minutes)

Made possible with generous funding from
The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

A Production of The Braid, 2023
Filmed and Interviewed by Joshua Silverstein     Edited by David Chiu
Produced by David Chiu, Sharon Landau, Joshua Silverstein, and Ronda Spinak
Assistant Producer MJ Adamson

Ruth Behar, Marshall Bennett, Vanessa Bloom, Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl, David Chiu,
Emily Bowen Cohen, Maryam Chishti, Courtenay Edelhart, Ezra Edmond, Erika Sabel-Flores,
Marissa Tiamfook Gee, Eric Greene, Kiyomi Kowalski, Shekhiynah Larks,
Zorayda Lopez-Marcus, Rain Pryor, Larry Sanders, and Ora Yashar.

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Virus Tsuris Mental Health Resources

Get immediate help in a crisis

Find a health care provider or treatment for substance use disorder and mental health

Pandemic Related Mental Health Resources

Dr. Shelly Cohen’s Top 10 ways to Stay Healthy/Positive During Pandemic

  • Keep a routine
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Eat well
  • Help others where you can
  • Refrain from reading the news all day
  • Stay connected to others
  • Get help if you’re feeling overwhelmed from a mental health provider.
  • Try to find meaning for yourself during this time.
  • Take vacation
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Secrets: Maury Ornest’s Hidden Art

Secrets: Maury Ornest’s Hidden Art

January 19 – March 5, 2019



MAURY ORNEST – March 4, 1960-July 31, 2018

Maury Ornest’s many talents took him from the baseball diamond to the artist’s easel. Born in Vancouver, Canada, he was the youngest of four children of Harry and Ruth Ornest.

Fun-loving, creative, and bright, Maury became a star player who attended college and played minor league baseball until injuries ended his career.
When Maury was 23, he began working in the business office for his father, who had recently bought the St. Louis Blues hockey team and arena. 27

Over the next few years, Maury began to experience paranoia and delusions. He suffered a psychotic break. His life changed almost overnight. While searching desperately for effective treatment, he began to paint.

Despite the isolation he experienced, he was an eternal optimist, evident in the joyous nature, wit and vibrant colors of his paintings. Upon his death from heart disease, his family discovered some 1400 paintings and journals in his Beverly Hills home studio and storage units.


Broadway World
One Woman Art Show