The Braid’s program that honors excellence in artistic talent and recognizes commitment to the ideals of our organization is fittingly named in memory of Abby Freeman, a beloved producer and performer who helped shape Jewish Women’s Theatre in its early years and made a lasting imprint on both the organization and our community.



Esther Amini, Writer

Nadège August, Actor

Jan Burns, Photographer

Judy Carter, Actor/Writer

Melanie Chartoff, Actor/Writer

Cindy Chupack, Writer

Lisa Cirincione, Actor/Director

Jasmine Curry, Actor

Emma Berdie Donson, Actor

Abbe Meryl Feder, Actor

Shira Fox, Singer

Shelly Goldstein, Actor/Writer

Lisa Ann Grant, Actor

Mike Himelstein, Songwriter

Rachael Hip-Flores, Actor