AHA! Moment – Live on Zoom

Powerful and humorous stories of the moment when you “just knew” life was about to change.
January 9, 10, 14, & 18, 2021




Material Adapted, Curated & Produced by Ronda Spinak, Artistic Director
Directed by  Lisa Cirincione
Producing Director Susan Morgenstern
Assistant Artistic Director Andrew Fromer
Literary Consultant Suzanna Kaplan
Creative Associate Daphna Shull 
Associate Producers Rose Ziff, Susie Yuré 
Stage Manager Amanda Horowitz  

WELCOME Ronda Spinak, The Braid Co-Founder and Artistic  Director


Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Written by Maureen Rubin.  Performed by Vicki Juditz and Dion Mucciacito.

Shake Rattle and Roll
Written by Suzanne Cane.  Performed by Lisa Cirincione.

The First Stranger – Adapted from The Poetry of Strangers  (Harper Perennial, 2020)
Written by Brian Sonia-Wallace.  Performed by Dion Mucciacito.

Pretty in Pink
Written by Sohaila Zivari.  Performed by Brianna Martinez Gurdzhyan.

Give Me Strength
Music and lyrics by Ali Blake.  Performed by Lisa Cirincione.

Written by Susan Baskin.  Performed by Vicki Juditz, Lisa Cirincione, Brianna Martinez Gurdzhyan, and Dion Mucciacito.

The Run Adapted from I’m Not Really A Waitress (Seal Press, 2019) 
Written by Suzi Weiss-Fischmann.  Performed by Lisa Cirincione.

Dinner Table
Written by David Masello.  Performed by Dion Mucciacito and Vicki Juditz.

Prayer Adapted from an interview by Ronda Spinak
Written by Rabbi Tarlan Rabizadeh.  Performed by Lisa Cirincione.

Can I Feel More Free During Covid?
Written by Emma Peretz.  Performed by Brianna Martinez Gurdzhyan.

Getting What You Want Before You Forget What It Is
Written and performed by Judy Carter.

Gun World
Written and performed by Vicki Juditz.

Goodnight, My What?
Written by Susan Morgenstern.  Performed by Lisa Cirincione and Dion Mucciacito.


SUSAN BASKIN (Dramaturg) wrote the Academy Award winning Film, Violet, and has written extensively for television and film. Her essays have been published in The Los Angeles Times Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine. Susan has written a number of pieces for JWT including “I, Citizen,” which was commissioned by Jewish Women’s Theatre. She is currently at work on a novel.

ALI BLAKE (Songwriter) is a soulful pop singer and songwriter from Chicago. Passio